Guildford and Epsom Branch

Join the Million Mile Mission and make a difference

Will you join the Million Mile Mission and make a real difference to the lives of pets and wildlife?

In the past 12 months our outdoor spaces have never mattered so much. As well as being the natural habitat for wildlife, the great outdoors has become an even more special place for people wanting to get  fresh air, exercise and to be able to meet up with friends and family, especially whilst we have been going through the coronavirus pandemic. Pets have also been a huge source of comfort for many of us throughout the crisis and have become even more an integral part of our families.

Sadly over the past year, litter and other waste has become an increasing problem. The coronavirus pandemic has radically affected behaviour to how we deposit rubbish, whether this is through littering or fly tipping. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves are regularly seen abandoned or is accidently dropped when people are out and about and as lockdown has eased. This has had a severe impact on wildlife. 

One of the RSPCA’s animal rescuers, Liz was called to Epsom just before Christmas to help release a magpie who sadly was caught up in a fishing line hanging from a branch over the river. With the help of the fire and rescue service they managed to cut the magpie free. The bird had some minor injuries and couldn’t be released straight away, so was transferred to the Wildlife Aid Foundation. Happily the magpie made a full recovery and Liz was able to successfully release the bird back into the wild.  

Pete, another RSPCA animal rescuer recently rescued a beautiful Kingfisher. The distressed bird was found by a member of the public in Guildford wrapped up in fishing line. Pete managed to very carefully untangle the bird which very fortunately, didn’t show any signs of injury. This meant that Pete was able to release the bird straight away, back into its environment.

Hundreds of animals have been injured in Surrey alone, including ducks, birds, hedgehogs and foxes caught up in string/fishing tackle, plastic, and food wrappers and tins. These hazards can very quickly become a matter of life and death and our staff are regularly called out to deal with incidents because of litter. 

How can you help?

Fight in the War against Litter

The Great British Spring Clean, which is the UK’s largest mass-action environmental campaign, is 28 May to 13 June 2021. You can join Keep Britain Tidy and our community of #Litterheroes on the #MillionMileMission to clear litter from our streets, parks and rivers. Not only is this great for our environment, but it is also good for our own physical and mental health. So, why not get out and enjoy some fresh air and help to protect pets, wildlife, and the environment at the same time! Sign up today.