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Get your rabbits vaccinated for only £15

Do you have rabbits? Are they vaccinated against the deadly RVHD2 disease?

For a limited period we are subsidising the price of the RVHD2 vaccine so it only costs you £15 if you live in our branch area; all you need to do is email us at

Why are we doing this?

Many rabbits in the UK are not vaccinated against this deadly disease so are at risk.

For Rabbit Awareness Week this year we are asking all rabbit owners to make sure that their rabbits are vaccinated against this and other fatal diseases.

What is RVHD2?

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2 (RVHD2) is a new strain of the virus RVHD1 and has been in the UK since 2013. As with RVHD1 the virus causes internal bleeding and is highly contagious.  

RVHD2 often has no symptoms, meaning that it is very hard to spot early on. Where symptoms do occur these signs are easily confused with other health conditions: fever, lethargy, neurological signs (coma) and blood clotting problems.

There is no specific treatment so vaccination is essential.

Can my rabbit catch RVHD2?

Yes, if not vaccinated.

It is a myth that RVHD2 can only be caught through contact with an infected rabbit. The virus can live for several days on our clothes, car tyres, rabbit bedding, etc. It can even be carried by the wind!

This means both indoor and outdoor rabbits need to be vaccinated against this deadly disease.

Can I catch RVHD2?

No. But you can unknowingly carry the virus (on your shoes, etc) and infect other rabbits; both pets and wild rabbits.

 Going on holiday?

Most rabbit boarding establishments only accept vaccinated rabbits because the virus is so easily spread and deadly. So if you are going on holiday and need to put your rabbits in boarding, they need to be vaccinated. Help protect your bunnies and others by always checking that the boarding establishment you are planning on using only accepts vaccinated rabbits.

Take up this offer today

Protect and prevent - get your rabbits vaccinated today! Email us at for more information about this £15 offer.

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