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Avoid a midlife crisis and get your female dog spayed

Do you own a female dog over five years old? Has she been spayed? If she isn’t spayed then this is for you.

To help avoid the heartache associated with unspayed female dogs over five years old we are contributing £80 towards the cost of spaying.

Why spay?

Getting your female dog spayed isn’t just about avoiding unplanned pregnancies, there are also health benefits. 

Spaying reduces the risks of illnesses such as pyometra (a common, life threatening infection of the uterus), mammary gland cancer and ovarian diseases. 

Having her spayed also prevents false pregnancies, where she shows the signs of pregnancy such as lactating but isn’t actually pregnant, and seasons (dog periods). 

Spaying can also have a positive effect on behaviour.

We are here to help

For a limited period we are giving owners of female dogs over five years old, who live in our branch catchment area, £80 towards the cost of spaying.

Email us if you’d like to find out more, or to apply We’ll need your name and address, and your dog’s name, it’s date of birth and which vet she’s registered with.

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