Greater Manchester Animal Hospital
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About Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

Thousands of animals pass through the doors of RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital every year. Greater Manchester Animal Hospital provides round-the-clock veterinary treatment to poorly animals from across the Greater Manchester area. In 2021 we saw 6,841 animals brought in by members of the public.

Whilst many animals are brought in by their owners, RSPCA Inspectors brought in over 1,000 animals in 2021. These animals, many of whom have suffered abuse or neglect, often require urgent veterinary treatment.

A vibrant hospital teeming with people and animals alike, Greater Manchester Animal Hospital can accommodate up to 103 animals at any one time. Whilst many animals visit the Hospital for routine checkups and vaccinations, 3,522 animals were admitted into the hospital for treatment last year.

In 2021, Greater Manchester Animal Hospital neutered 1,175 animals, carried out 2,373 vaccinations, not to mention hundreds of life saving operations.

Thanks to our kind donors, the Hospital has the staffing and facilities to cope. At the heart of the Hospital lies its operating theatre, where thousands of life-saving operations take place. 12 vets, three veterinary nurses and 12 Hospital assistants ensure all animals receive a high level of care.

Services provided

The RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital provides a 24-hour veterinary service for sick or injured owned and stray animals for previously registered clients.

People who are on certain benefits, and who live within the hospital’s catchment area can take their animals to the hospital for veterinary advice and treatment.

Find out more about who can get low-cost veterinary treatment on our Homepage.

Opening hours
For routine advice, micro-chipping and treatment the hospital clinics are open between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday by appointment only. 


For clients registered at the hospital an emergency service is available after 4pm and during the weekends.



Hospital facilities 

The RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital runs a busy theatre backed up by facilities such as a laboratory, radiography room and ultrasound machine. Animals are nursed in five main ward areas.

The hospital has developed an early neutering theatre where very young cats and dogs can be spayed or castrated. We make use of heated operating tables and temperature controlled kennels to provide safer operations and improved recoveries.


The RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, situated in Eccles New Road, Salford, is located near the site of an old RSPCA animal clinic.

Since the mid 1990s, the RSPCA has funded the hospital so that it can provide a low-cost veterinary service to people on low incomes in the surrounding community.

The work of the RSPCA-funded animal hospitals was featured in the BBC programme, Animal Hospital. The programme spanned 10 years, and was filmed at the RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in 2002.


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