Block Fen Animal Centre
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Volunteer profile: Lewis

Volunteer profile: Lewis  image

I volunteer at Block Fen because I love animals and spending time with them. I have been volunteering here for just over two years now. I volunteer five days a week starting at 8.30 and working until 4.30pm. 

I think Block Fen is a great place to volunteer and help take care of the animals. I get a fantastic sense of pride seeing animals that have had a bad start in life getting a second chance. It is always nice to hear how they are getting on in their new homes.

The jobs I do include cleaning the kennels and letting the dogs out in their exercise yards. I help to keep the washing going and then take dogs out for walks. I clean up after the dogs and see if the staff need help with any other jobs. I then get the feeds ready for tea time and for the following morning.  

At the end of the day I shut the dogs inside ready for the night and go around topping up their water bowls and feeding them.

I also help out at the big open day and the Easter and Halloween events.  The big open day is great as there are so many things to do and there is a fun dog show.

I would recommend volunteering to others as it is really rewarding taking care of the animals. It is so good to see them all go to new loving homes.

Best wishes, Lewis

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