Block Fen Animal Centre
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Dodger's special story

Dodger's special story image

Dodger was a three year old deaf Staffordshire bull terrier who came into the care of the RSPCA as he had been severely beaten. When Dodger arrived at Block Fen we realised he wasn't acting normally and it turned out that he was partially blind as well as deaf.  

As he was young we desperately wanted to give him another chance at life.  Our vet contacted the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket who happily offered to carry out eye surgery free of charge.  

Once both of Dodger's eyes had been operated on we needed to find him a foster home as he was very stressed in kennels and it was not helping with recovery after the surgery.  He was in a foster home for nine months and settled in marvellously.  The family had children and he loved them.  

Sadly, Dodger had to be returned to us through no fault of his own without being found a permanent home.  All the staff were extremely concerned for his welfare back in the kennel environment.  

We advertised him everywhere we could think of and at long last a couple came forward from Essex who had previous experience with Staffies and also with deaf dogs.  So after 15 difficult months of being without a loving home Dodger is now at long last loved by a new caring mum and dad - his forever home and a perfect match.

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