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Blackberry Farm Animal Centre

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Here at Blackberry Farm most of our animals have been rescued from neglect and bad treatment by their previous owners. We look after dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, farm animals and many other types of small domestic animals - at any one time we could be caring for over 200 animals.

It can take weeks and sometimes months to rehabilitate animals. Our staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every animal that comes through our doors will find their 'perfect match'.

Like little Kassy! When Kassy came into our care she was just four months old. She had some horrendous injuries, including a broken leg and a large open wound, and it took weeks of veterinary treatment and lots of TLC to make her feel better. 

We successfully prosecuted the people responsible for her suffering, and they received a five-year-ban on keeping dogs.

Having spent over a year in our care while her case was decided in court, it was no surprise that Blackberry Farm staff member Bridget fell in love with Kassy and offered her a loving home.  As you can see from the photo, they really are a perfect match.