Birmingham Animal Centre
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Paws for Cakes Event


What a successful day! All the hard work, time and effort paid off as the event raised an amazing total over £700.

Charlotte Earley and Leanne Treanor who the double act the pulled the event together and said it could not of been possible without all the support from the volunteers and the staff. A massive pat on the back to the two girls for the fab work they did. 



There were so many tasty homemade cakes available and there was even one cake that was raffled off to help raise more money at the event. The cake was stunning and you could see everyone was praying they had the winning raffle ticket.

The best bit was when the Harley Davidson's biker group turned up you could hear them from miles away the bikes purring as they drove closer to the centre. Then when they arrived everyone was taking a good look at all the bikes with how shinny and stunning they all looked lined up in the car park. When they arrived in our reception there was some real teamwork going on, as they all made a chain lined up passing donations to us for all the recue animals. We were truly overwhelmed with the large amount we received. It was then only fair to make sure they all received a nice brew!


The day was great, really enjoyable for all as the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. Plus the rescue animals all got a few extra visitors helping to se quite a few cats reserved which was a bonus.


Thank you to all those who organised, baked cakes, helped out on the day, donated and to those members of the public who supported and came along to enjoy the scrummy cakes.



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