Birmingham Animal Centre
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Massive thanks to a dedicated Volunteer

Fundraising Event was a huge Success.

Wow what a great night everyone had at our October entertainment night. On Friday 6th October Andrea Marshall held her entrainment night event at Thimblemill Rec in aid of raising funds for the centre. Many staff and volunteers went along to support the event with even one staff member dressing up in the dog costume which seemed to be a hit with the kids. The event consisted of entertainers singing and a raffle with various prizes to be won. 

The event started at 7pm and went on till 1am so was a jam packed evening for everyone to let their hair down. With support from Thimblemill Rec and its team who allowed us to hold the event free of charge enabled us to maximise the total raised with minimal expenditure. 

The Grand total raised was a whopping £800! The finds have now been allocated and the rescue animals are already receiving gifts of enrichment items such as sturdy toys to play with.

So thanks to all the staff, volunteers Thimblemill Rec Team and most of all Andrea for all the support and hard work.

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