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Home Visitor Support

Volunteers required to support our rehoming process.

Life of a beloved pet can be the life of luxury. For many pets they are spoilt by their family and in return are loyal companions.

But getting it right and finding the perfect match isn’t always so simple.

At the RSPCA we put in place procedures to assist in supporting our adopters in making perfect matches when rehoming a rescue pet.

How is this done..... Well we can only achieve this with the support of our very dedicated and passionate volunteers.

When a rescue animal is ready to be rehomed we have completed an assessment helping us to establish what a suitable home would be for an individual animal. Then when a potential adopter enquires about a certain rescue animal our Volunteer Home Visitors will play a vital part in helping to rehoming them.

We carry out pre and post home visits for our animals making sure all the welfare needs are met.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and be part of a team helping rescue animals get a second chance in life.

Can you help?

  • We are looking for people passionate about animal welfare
  • Have some spare time on their hands 
  • Have access to their own car and willing to use this to travel to potential adopters
  • Friendly and not judgemental (a perfect home can vary for an individual in many ways)
  • Reliable 

Our Home visitors are very important and we value all our volunteers for giving their free time to assist in the work we do.

What we will provide:

  • Full training(on going to keep everyone up to date)
  • Continued support (we are always here at the end of the phone or at the centre)
  • Expenses can be claimed 

For more information on how to become a Volunteer Home Visitor you can email us at:


We can wait to meet you and welcome you to our team!



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