Mallydams Wood
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About us

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In 1961 the late Horace Quick (1891 - 1966), a local artist and wildlife enthusiast, gave Mallydams Wood to us so that the woodland could benefit wildlife.

To help us carry out Horace’s wishes we built a small wildlife rehabilitation centre and, since the doors opened more than 50 years ago, over 35,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals have been treated at the centre.

Wildlife Centre

Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre is equipped to deal with a variety of wild animals, from orphaned fox cubs to oiled birds.

Our staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in the treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife casualties, their release and monitoring their survival in the wild. And of course we’d be lost without our tireless volunteers!

Our facilities include:

  • Veterinary examination room and x-ray machine.

  • Orphan rearing and treatment areas.

  • Specialised oiled bird cleaning facilities.

  • Isolation units for larger birds or mammals.

  • Rooms for oiled seabirds, growing orphans and areas for washed seabirds and injured birds.

  • Pool aviaries for seabirds and water birds.

  • Custom-built seclusion aviaries, some with shallow pools.

  • Long-term mammal pens with indoor and outdoor areas.
  • A deep pool for recovering oiled seabirds and seals.


Our 55-acre woodland nature reserve provides a fantastic habitat for all sorts of wild animals. From foxes and badgers to owls, dormice and lizards.

The reserve is looked after by our woodland worker and his marvellous team of volunteers. Most of their work is aimed at maintaining the habitats of these fantastic wild animals and improving public access.

Come and explore the woods during one of our events.

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