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Nestled in 186 acres of beautiful Shropshire countryside, our Gonsal Farm Animal Centre and Equine Rehabilitation Centre opened its doors to the public in 2002. 

Victoria Stilwell sings the praises of Gonsal Farm

A big supporter of our Gonsal Farm Animal Centre is TV dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, who is best known for the hit TV series ‘It's me or the dog’.

Victoria visited us for a dog training seminar and was amazed by the work we do. She said:

"I think that what really makes an animal shelter great is the people that work there. The staff at Gonsal are fantastic, the trainers are fantastic, the volunteers as well."

Gonsal Farm Equine Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre

At the Gonsal Farm Equine Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre we can care for up to 40 horses and ponies at a time.

As we only take equines that have been brought to us by our RSPCA inspectors all the horses and ponies in our care have been victims of cruelty or neglect.

Some are still recovering from their ordeal while the ones that are back to full health are being prepared for rehoming. This may be work from the ground like teaching them how to lead or some are trained to be riding ponies.

Due to their past lives it can take quite a long time to get the horses and ponies to the stage where they can be rehomed, as the most important thing is for them to learn to trust us. 



Contact details:

0300 123 0753

Email us at GonsalFarm@rspca.org.uk






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Opening hours:

Animal Centre: Public viewing: 11.15am-4pm every day. Closed Wed. - we prioritise animals in need

Services offered:

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