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Adopting from the West Suffolk Branch

Please first consider the following before adopting:

- Can I afford the food, veterinary care and routine vaccinations?

- Can I provide the time, companionship and care that a pet needs?

- Do I have the necessary patience and understanding?

- Can I provide a safe and stimulating environment for the animal?

- Is there stability within my household?

There is also lots of information on  the National RSPCA site

   **************************     COVID 19 Update   ****************************

The branch is continuing to rehome animals and we are now more flexible regarding the distance you can travel to visit the animals in our care. If you are more than an hour away from where the animal is staying, we will dicuss visiting with you when you apply.

In addition to the Adoption Application form, and if you are short listed as a potential match, you will be asked another series of questions. These are concerning your household and the restrictions on isolation on you and any family members.

We would ask that you read through Rehoming a Rescue Animal prior to making your applications.

Visits to boarding establishments have now recommenced although we may still use video footage of the animal where travel is restricted. If you already have an animal in your home, we will be asking to see video footage of that animal, so that we can assess how well they will get along with any new family member.

We always perform a home visit prior to adoption, and these will now all be virtual, so we will be asking for pictures and video footage. 

Adoption paperwork may be completed virtually, and signed forms will need to be received before the adoption can progress.

All adoption fees will either be paid by card prior to the animal being delivered or can be made by bank transfer.

We thank you all for your patience during this difficult time and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Adotion Application forms

If you are interested in adopting from the branch, then please complete an application form for either a cat or a dog and email the form to


 General Information

With all our adoptions, you will be provided with a welcome pack containing information about your new family member, details of the Insurance cover that is avaliable as well as some helpful numbers to call, should you have any questions after the adoption. 

The adoption costs for our cats and dogs are  determined by their age (although it can sometimes be difficult to be exact) and are as follows:

Junior ,  0-12 months,  Adult,  1-8 years and Senior,  8+ years


If there are several members of your family who will be living with the dog, we need to involve them all in the process, including any existing resident dog. 

You will require direct access to a secure garden from your home and someone at home so your dog will not be left for more than 4 hours on a regular basis. However, each dog and adopter is an individual and we will be happy to talk to you about your own circumstances. You can find out more about caring for your dog here.

As the law now requires, all dogs are microchipped  prior to adoption and all adult dogs are also neutered. Neutering vouchers will be issued for puppies.

Our suggested donations for adoptions of a dog or puppy are 

Junior- £200,  Adult - £175, and Senior - £150


More information about caring for your cat can be found here.

All cats are microchipped prior to adoption. Adult cats are also neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for kittens.

Our suggested donations for adoptions of cats and kittens are

Junior - £90, Adult - £80, and  Senior - £70

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

The branch no longer directly rehomes rabbits and guinea pigs but our neighbouring branches may be able to assist. If you follow this link and enter your postcode, you may be able to find the perfect furbie for you. Additional restrictions may be in place due to COVID 19, so please check the relevant website before applying.





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