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Our RSPCA branch has been quietly working away in this area since at least 1950 and in 1971 we opened our first charity shop (now a wool shop) in Regent Grove, Leamington Spa. Following a legacy, we moved to our present shop in Regent Street. We now also have a shop in Kenilworth. Sadly, because we don’t have an animal home, not many people realise that we are very much more than just our two charity shops and that we actually have animals in our care looking for homes.

Although we are part of the national RSPCA umbrella, we are an separately registered RSPCA branch. We are run by a committee of Trustees who are all volunteers, we raise our own money and we are able to spend that money where we think that it is most needed in our branch area. 

Our RSPCA branch covers a large area stretching from Leamington Spa to the borders with Banbury, Coventry, Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire. 

The animals that we take in to our care are given any necessary veterinary treatment before going to a private cattery where they are cared for until we can find them the perfect, new home.