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Big Jasper's happy tale


Big Jasper came into Arthur Lodge veterinary surgery with a blocked bladder. He was unable to urinate and the bladder would have ruptured if surgery to catheterise was not done quickly. It was a true emergency. Thankfully, RSPCA Sussex North branch were able to fund the £500 operation and it was a complete success, allowing Jasper to return to a normal life.

Jasper was transferred to Becks Boarding in Hayling Island for ongoing care and rehoming. Here, he lost a bit of the excess weight he was carrying and, now he was on an appropriate diet for him, the transformation was amazing.

“He was such a kitten at heart! Jumping and playing all the time. He would sit on his shelf next to the corridor, watching us at work and hoping we would come to give him more cuddles.” says Yael Hintz, owner of Becks Boarding.

It wasn’t long before Jasper caught the eye of Faye Pollard.

“When we decided to adopt a cat Jasper was the first cat we saw, and although we looked at others, we eventually came back to him and are so pleased we did.” says Faye.

“Before we physically saw him we were told his name was 'Big' Jasper as he was a large boy; however when we saw him all we saw was a cat with a loving personality which was immediately evident when he came purring up around us both and there was a fun sparkle in his eyes which I knew meant he would have a great fun character - and I was certainly proved correct when we got him home.”

Faye took a week off work to help settle Jasper into his new home. “He settled in wonderfully, and as we live in a townhouse consisting of three floors he has plenty of exercise running up and down all the stairs, he loves to play so we know he won't be known as 'Big' Jasper for much longer!”

“Jasper is really enjoying life now and we thank RSPCA Sussex North, and Yael and Gary at Becks Boarding, for taking such good care of him until we found him.”


RSPCA Sussex North relies on donations to pay for emergency operations like Jasper had. We couldn’t continue to help animals without the support of the public. To find out how you can support us to help more animals like Jasper have a happy ending, go to

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