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September News


The RSPCA Woking Branch were recently asked to help out with several rabbits who were part of a large rescue of about 70 rabbits living in unsuitable conditions. Eight rabbits have been taken into our care, neutered and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. So far, two have already found new homes with caring owners, companionship and lots of space to run around safely and fortunately there seems to be a lot of interest in the others looking for new homes too.

Rabbits are frequently neglected, living lonely, boring lives in unsuitable hutches facing extremes of weather that they cannot avoid. We are glad to be doing our bit to encourage more responsible ownership and to find the rabbits that come to us the best homes we possibly can – for example, Giselle, one of the 70, is a Giant French lop rabbit who now has the run of her owners house and spends her leisure time on the sofa watching TV with her new owner. How her luck has changed!


Gravy & Biscuits

Similarly, Gravy and Biscuits were abandoned in a field and found by pure chance by a member of the public, now they live in a most amazing ‘walk in’ enclosure, big enough for their family to wander around in there with them.


Little Hughie was one of the group of five dogs who arrived into our care in July.  From the start, Hughie was the timid and scared one of the group, it was clear this darling boy would need lots of love and attention to help him regain his confidence. We had just the foster family!!

Hughie settled in very well! Day by day he was building his confidence; he was 7 years old, but it was obvious a comfortable home life was all very new to him! Hughie and his foster mum created a huge bond and fell in love, but we still had to convince his foster dad.

As time went on, Hughie became more and more settled with his foster family, and loved his life with his new foster brothers and sisters! With only a few enquiries we were very conscious of how time was creeping by! Then we received the news we all wanted to hear, his foster mum and dad wanted to adopt him!! 

Out of the initial group of five dogs that arrived into our care in July, all of their foster families were proudly added to the “failed foster” list. We are so very happy for them all! It meant they all stayed where they settled and was happy. They are all doing extremely well and we wish each and every one of them a lifetime of happiness and endless amounts of love!

A special thank you to Hughie’s new owners, you have done wonders with him and all the others that you have cared for. We at the RSPCA are very grateful for everything you do for the animals in your care! 









Once again thank you to everyone who has adopted, fostered, volunteered and donated this month. Do you have the ideal home for one of our animals in need for a new loving home, please visit the "Find a pet" section on our website to see the animals in our care looking for their forever homes.   

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