Surrey Woking & District Branch

How we help local animals

What we do as a Branch…

We are a small Branch with our own charity number, known as RSPCA Surrey Woking branch. We receive no grants or monetary help from head office.

We have three shops, and we fundraise to support mainly our vet bills, this month they were in excess of £10,000.

As volunteers we work very hard 24/7 and answer our phones, though after 8pm to 8am a message needs to be left and if urgent we will get back to you. The main Branch line has a list of contact numbers in the voicemail for during these hours. 

We never use kennels for dogs that come into our care, they are looked after in foster homes. We foster dogs and cats.

Due to using foster homes, this does limit us on the number of dogs we can take in at one time, if we have space we always aim to help, but are always looking for new foster homes, especially pet free homes.

Dogs that come into our care that are over the age of 10 or any we take in with a pre-existing or ongoing health issue we support that medical need(s) at our vets for life, and any dog over 12yrs old that is adopted we do Branch assisted adoption for life, this means the adopter will pay vaccinations flea worming and food, but all other vet bills will be paid by our Branch at our vets. As we understand the difficulties around insuring older pets.

We also help and support MOP who are in receipt of benefits that are having trouble funding their animals’ medical needs. We also importantly assist with neutering animals within our Branch area.

All our animals in our care will get golden 5-star homes, we match the dogs needs and requirements to the right family, we do not work on a “first come first serve basis”. Each one we treat as our own animals until they are adopted.

As a Branch we never ask for anything, if people wish to donate to us, we are very grateful.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you understand what we do.


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Financial assistance checker

Veterinary financial aid

01483 837660

Email us at

8am- 8pm

Please use this number for enquires about assistance relating to cats and rabbits. In emergencies, if there is no reply on the landline please call 07803034876