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November end of month news


This adorable young man found his way into our care in October. He was only 6 months old and his owners didn’t want him. Jack was already on his 5th home! Due to so many changes in his short life, Jack was suffering with separation anxiety. Jack’s happy, kind and loving personality put a smile on everyone’s face, making quite an impression on everyone who met him. If Jack was round people he knew, he was happy, but night time was very daunting for him. Being alone in the dark scared him and he would go into panic mode. With time and patience Jack was learning that he wasn’t going to be left again and that someone was always going to come home to him. He moved in with a lovely foster family. Within a couple of days Jack was getting better and more confident, he was receiving bundles of love and affection, lots of exercise and a healthy balanced diet. He was starting to learn his boundaries and developed a routine, he was beginning to flourish. It wasn’t long before Jack was mixing and socialising with other dogs, and for a sighthound his recall was amazing and his time off lead was increasing. 

Jack had many applications, but we had to be sure his new owners were 100% sure they could work with him and settle him into a new home and family, and most importantly to make sure that this was Jack’s final move. 

Jack has been two weeks in his new home and lovely new family and he is thriving. He has bonded well with his new owners and has shown to be a typical mummy’s boy, and the whole family adore him! During the day he goes to work with his mum to mingle and interact with other dogs, but he is learning that it is ok to be alone sometimes, as someone will always come back for him. This is Jack’s first Christmas and it is safe to say, it is going to be one to remember, be happy Jack x 

Thank you to everyone who helped with Jack, you all know who you are, if it wasn’t for you wonderful people, he wouldn’t be where he is today (Jack sends his love). 


Penny came into our care after unexpected changes in her family circumstances, she was 6 months old. Penny was a typical border collie x puppy (she was into everything, had no fear and everything was a game!) She was cheeky and playful, full of fun and mischief and took everything in her stride. After a short time, it was apparent that Penny needed a little bit of extra training to help with her re-homing process. With the help of her foster family and our dog trainer, Penny gradually calmed down and started to listen and enjoy learning new commands, new rules and new boundaries. With such progress she was finally ready to start her journey to find her forever home. 

Penny was very popular and there were lots of applications to rehome her. However, we wanted to make sure we chose the right home for Penny, with a family who would be willing to continue the hard work of her fosterer and trainer. 

A lovely family applied, after losing their collie-cross of 17 years old. Their remaining dog was lonely and in much need of a companion, he was finding life alone strange. After much discussion, a meet and greet was planned.... Penny was very excited on the day of her introductions, we hoped her loving, funny, kind and care free personality would shine through... and it did! A second play date was arranged, this time in an enclosed field so Penny and her potential new brother could have a run off lead together to see how they got on... 

Penny moved in within days and she has been in her new home for two weeks, her mum, dad and brother adore her! She settled in the moment she arrived at her new home, her loving and cheeky character is keeping them all amused as well as busy! Her family have renamed her Ziggy! This will be Penny/Ziggy’s first Christmas and she feels the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you again to everyone who helped with Ziggy’s journey to finding her forever home, also thank you to her new family for believing in her. Continue to be happy Ziggy also lovingly known as ‘social butterfly’ x 


Christmas Announcement 

We are getting to a very busy time of the year, we can safely say this goes for most rescue centres. We love our animals dearly and we want nothing more than everyone over the holiday season to have a lovely and stress free time. Firstly, PLEASE make sure you have insurance in case your pet becomes ill, this of course applies to the rest of the year also. Veterinary care can be expensive and the basic necessities we must have for our pets, i.e. vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, neutering, general health checks and food, all need to be taken into consideration. Pets are a huge commitment and to most of us, they bring happiness and pleasure. If you have to rehome a pet always ask a rescue centre, please DO NOT advertise your pets on free websites and please DO NOT give your pet away for free. Owning an animal is now a privilege and a luxury, please bear all these factors in mind before taking this huge step. Please remember, pets are for life, not just for Christmas. 

Thank You for reading this and we hope you have a good Christmas


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