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News of November


This little girl’s start in life was heartbreaking. She was taken to a vets at the beginning of the month, suffering with slight gastrointestinal problems and her owners were unable to afford the treatment and they considered putting her to sleep. She was only 6months old.

The RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch immediately stepped in took her under their wing.  After several visits to the vets, some medication and the correct diet, she was back to full health again.

Maggie settled in straight away with her wonderful foster family and it was very clear she was keen to explore and learn new things. As you can imagine with that face and those ears she wasn’t short of attention!

It wasn’t long before Maggie was reserved and within minutes of meeting her new family, Maggie had charmed them. Maggie is now living the best life, she is very much loved, and her family couldn’t imagine life without her!

Be happy Maggie!


Gorgeous Martha come into the care of the RSPCA Surrey Woking Branch a couple of months ago with a broken leg. It was a worrying time, she was only 8 weeks old and we were unsure of how she would cope with the extensive recovery process.

Martha’s road to recovery was long. There were many sleepless nights, around the clock supervision, love and care put in from our amazing fosterer. Not forgetting the countless bandage changes, x-rays and vet checks to make sure everything was healing as it should be. After 6 weeks of strict crate rest, little Martha was on the right path to recovery and received the all clear from the vets! This meant she could experience life as a normal puppy.

Without the amazing work put in from our fosterers and our vets, she wouldn’t be where she is today!

We didn’t even get as far as advertising little Martha! Within a matter of days, she was reserved and off to her new home, along with a pretty new name ‘Martha-Rose’. She is now thoroughly spoilt and loving her new family.

Be happy Martha-Rose 

Elinor & Mr Snazzlepants

Back in August Elinor was taken to the RSPCA Clinic in Putney as an emergency – she was a stray in difficulty giving birth to a litter of kittens and needed an urgent caesarean operation to save her life. Sadly only one of her 7 kittens could be saved and after a few days of intensive care Elinor was transferred in to the care of the RSPCA Woking Branch until she was recovered, and her kitten was old enough to find a home.

Elinor made a speedy recovery and her kitten, nicknamed Mr Snazzlepants because of his mottled white and black hairs on his hind legs, gradually grew in to a lively bundle of mischief. Without having any siblings to play with, he devoted his waking hours to goading his young Mum into endless games and she decided to return to her inner kitten! Most cats, whilst being excellent Mums, are quite relieved when their kittens grow up and find new homes of their own, giving Mum time for some peace and quiet- not so with Elinor! We were delighted when somebody offered them a home together and after nearly 4 months in the RSPCA Woking Branch care they have both moved to a lovely family home.

 Be happy guys

 Thank you again to everyone who has helped and supported the RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch.

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