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May News

The gorgeous Axle found his way into our care in October 2018. Sadly, his excitable and youthful nature was becoming too much for his growing family. We placed him into a foster home in hope that it he would quickly find a perfect family. Sadly, the months crept by and Axle had received
little interest. He was a beautiful and well behaved boy, who suffered mildly from separation anxiety, but he was good off lead, he loved other dogs and was good in and around
the home. He wanted nothing more than to be loved; Axle just wanted, cuddles, affection and a family to call his own. Axle spent Christmas with his lovely foster family and he also celebrated
his 3rd birthday. He enjoyed trips away with his fosterers and long runs on the beach! It was very clear that Axle was settling in comfortably, but as time went on we began to worry; would Axle ever settle as well in a new home and environment. At the beginning of May this year, seven months after arriving with us, an application came through for Axle! Everyone was thrilled for him. After a statutory home check and a meet and greet, Axle melted his new owners’ hearts and they wanted to adopt! The big day arrived, Axle’s bags were packed and he was ready for his next adventure. Axle has been amazing throughout his stay with us and has comfortably made the transition into his new home. He is learning new tricks, enjoying making new friends and has settled in well with his new home life. Axle’s new parents are getting married at the end of this year, so on the day of his adoption, Axle was presented with a new collar made from the same material of his new dad’s wedding suit!  The RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch would like to say a massive thank you to Axle’s foster parents, you have taken such good care of him from day one, and Axle’s new family. We are eternally grateful. Be happy Axle!







Daisy a young lurcher who arrived into our care in March of this year. Daisy had the sweetest nature and was clearly still very young. Pictures did not do this beautiful girl justice. Everyone who met Daisy fell in love with her, and we were desperate to find her forever home. Sadly, lurchers’ along with Staffys’ are becoming increasingly common in Rescue centres.Applications where slow for Daisy and it was a tense time to see if she would ever find her own home.

A foster home become available and she moved in. It became very clear that she required lots of TLC and work as it was obvious she had never experienced a comfortable home life and all the comforts that came with it. Within a month, Daisy’s foster mum decided that she would adopt her! Daisy had bounded into her home and her heart, she couldn’t let her go… another failed foster home can be added to our list! Daisy is now living a happy and care free life with two lurcher siblings, running free and enjoying all that life offers. Such a wonderful success story! Be happy beautiful Daisy!

Satnav & Bogart 

Jasmine’s last two puppies found their forever homes this month too!! It is amazing to watch them all grow up. They are all completely different with their own unique personalities!! Thank you to everyone who took part in helping with Jasmine and her puppies! Thank you to our wonderful vets for always being on hand and of course Ella, our Bagshot Charity Shop Manager, for putting her life on hold for three months to care for Jasmine and her 10 puppies! All pups, including Jasmine, are doing well in their new homes and are very happy & healthy!


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