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March & April News

This year is flying by, these last couple of months have been very busy with 24 lucky pets finding
their forever homes!! Here are some of our lucky doggies who have landed on their paws!!


Our darling Jasmine was found as a stray. It took nearly three days for her to trust someone to catch her - she was petrified, cold and alone, with no microchip and no one to call her own.
The RSPCA Woking Branch took this adorable girl into their care. Her scars and sad eyes told a
thousand stories. Over the next couple of days, Jasmine’s characteristics started to change. A trip to the vets confirmed she was expecting puppies, very soon! Jasmine was a shy and timid soul but
equally very loving. She had the kindest nature and wanted nothing more than to be loved and
reassured, something she clearly never had. Jasmine went into labour at 7am on February 16 th 2019. By 1pm, she had ten healthy pups! From the start, Jasmine was an amazing mum; we didn’t think this remarkable girl could melt our hearts any more, but seeing her raise her ten beautiful puppies melted our hearts once again. When Jasmine had completed her “mum duties”, it was our job to make sure we found Jasmine a loving and caring home which she deserved. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of applications she received. Her story touched the hearts of so many. A perfect family was found and a play date was planned. The day arrived and it was love at first sight on both sides! Jasmine had picked her family and they had found her.
Regular meetings were arranged so Jasmine could get to know her new family; then the day arrived and she was ready to start her next big adventure!
Jasmine is thriving in her new home; her funny character is keeping her wonderful family
entertained and she is enjoying all their love and full attention. She loves her walks, and she looks
forward to them! Gone are the days of the timid cowering dog, terrified of a lead and her own
Continue with your happy life Jasmine, we will never forget you.

All of Jasmine’s pup’s have found their forever homes, they are thriving and are very much loved and spoilt. Be happy little ones!!


This gentle giant found his way into our care when his owners were sadly unable to take care of him any longer. Max was a bouncy and energetic Boxer-cross. These new experiences were a little scary and overwhelming for him, and it became clear that this lovely boy needed loving and caring home and for someone to love him. Hearing of Max’s plight, The amazing Pete Yarde stepped in and offered this boy a much-needed foster home. After some training and socialising Max was enjoying his walks and meeting new people!
After two months, we were wondering if we would ever find Max’s perfect family; was there
someone out there who could love this boy the way he so deserved? Then we received an
application… play dates were arranged, meet and greets were planned, and, the rest, as they say, is
history!! Max is very much loved and spoilt rotten by his wonderful family, he is loving life all over

Be happy Max, you are a lucky boy.


Bambi came into our care in a very sorry state. This 12-year-old girl was completely broken; she had been used for breeding and had her last litter in May 2018. Bambi had been through so much and it was clear she was drained. She needed an understanding person to take care of her, someone to support her whilst she experienced new things and give her the time to learn to trust people. Our amazing fosterer Nicky stepped in to welcome her into her home. With time, love, care and home comforts, Bambi started to enjoy the simple things in life and she thrived!
Soon it was time to look for Bambi’s forever home. We wanted to find her that special someone who understood what she had been through and understood her needs. Then, that special someone enquired about Bambi, and after a meet and greet and gentle play sessions Bambi was in her forever home and very happy.
A massive thank you to everyone who helped with the care of Bambi, without you all she wouldn’t be where she is today.

This handsome gentle boy was sadly looking for a new home at 12 years old. His owners’
circumstances had changed and they were unable to take care of him anymore.
Ty was gentle, loving and kind, he wanted nothing more than to be loved and show love. Sadly, so
many Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s end up in rescue centres, no matter how loving and sweet natured they are. With so many Staffie’s looking for homes, and with Ty being a gentleman in his twilight years with achy joints, it was a tense time waiting to see if anyone would be interested in giving this boy a chance. A lady contacted us. She has had Staffie’s all her life and she was very eager to meet Ty. Due to his age and arthritis, we were looking for someone to adopt Ty under the ‘Branch Assisted Adoption’ scheme, this meant the RSPCA Surrey Woking & District Branch will cover the costs of all his vet bills for the rest of his life. The day arrived when Ty would meet his potential new owner, and within seconds he had melted her heart, just the way he melted ours; he was there to stay. He is so happy in his new home, he is loved and cared for and most of all he is now content.

Be happy Ty, you amazing boy!

These are just a handful of the stories of the lucky dogs who have found their forever homes. Please see below pictures of some of the other animals who also found their happiness this month. We wish you all a long life of happiness.



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