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July News


This adorable girl was signed over into our care in March this year. It was clear she needed plenty of TLC and time to rebuild her confidence. One of our wonderful vets offered to take her home. Within weeks, Sky was going from strength to strength, learning new things every day. It wasn’t long before Sky was off lead and loving life, exploring and making new friends.  Sky joined us on several fundraising events and attended the Chobham Carnival event! She was faced with things that would have once made her very nervous; it was lovely to see her so relaxed and taking everything in her stride. 

The applications were slow for Sky to begin with... Then, an application came through, everything seemed perfect and a meet and greet was planned! Sky stole their hearts and the adoption day was set. Sky had been with us for three months and everyone, especially her foster family, where very attached. We drove Sky to her new family. When we arrived, she danced with delight and fitted right in as if she had always been a part of the family! Her new mum adored her, even if she did roll in something nasty within minutes of arriving! 

Sky is continuing to thrive and is loving her new life and family. She has two siblings to keep her company and lots of open space to run around and let off steam, she couldn’t be happier. 

Thank you so much to Sky’s very special foster mum, without you, she wouldn’t be where she is today. You showed her endless amounts of love and comfort, you taught her how she could be a dog again and she became the dog she today because of you. Be happy Sky. 


Young Evie was found as a stray. She had no microchip and no one to love and care for her. Evie was a very happy and loving dog right from the start; she took everything in her stride and nothing seemed to bother her (apart from cats!!). After a short stay in the vets for all the basic medical requirements, Evie was ready to start the process of looking for her own forever home. Evie was the perfect house guest with her foster family and as each day went past they couldn’t fault her! Evie wasn’t short of applications and it wasn’t long before we selected a suitable family for Evie. She won their hearts and the adoption papers were signed. Evie is now living a happy and care-free life by the sea!! She is very much loved and spoilt rotten... She has her very own sofa! Be happy Evie!


Tinker found her way into our care after her former owner sadly was no longer in a position to take care of her. She had been living outside for the past two years, she was now seven years old. We all fell in love with this beautiful girl; she had the calmest, happiest and most loving nature. Certain things made her nervous and unsure but with a little bit of reassurance, she overcame her fears.  Tinker was on our website for some weeks with little interest. 

Then, we received an application, the lady came to visit Tinker and the rest is history! Tinker is now living a very happy life, full of cuddles, love and fun! She has a sibling who she is learning to play with. Continue being happy Tinker! 


Parker was a young puppy who was found abandoned in a drain. He arrived into our care as a bouncy enthusiastic puppy, loving life and happy, considering his tragic start in life. Parker was placed into a foster home and went from strength to strength. He loved his home comforts, plenty of cuddles and living life like a normal puppy. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before we selected the perfect family! Parker is now living the dream, he is spoiled rotten and shown endless amounts of love, he is a very lucky boy!! Be happy Parker

Thank you!! 

A massive thank you to everyone who helped and supported us on our charity night on the 27th July. We hope you all had a lovely evening, between you all we managed to raise close to £800!!

Thank you all for your support, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for our up and coming events. 



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