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January News

We have had a very busy month in January, young dogs and old have come into our care and left us for amazing new homes with loving families. Here are some of their stories...


This adorable boy come into our care before Christmas. It was clear that he hadn’t had the best start in life; it was obvious that Harry hadn’t received any form of kindness, love or affection. He was broken, and he was just eight years old.

We placed Harry into one of our amazing foster homes. We were 100% certain he would get everything that he had been missing. Harry had been so neglected throughout his life, he craved nothing more than to be loved and to show love.

Day by day Harry was slowly coming out of his shell. He was bonding well with his foster family. It wasn’t long before Harry was confident meeting new people and enjoying socialising with other dogs whilst out on walks.

Despite his newfound bravery, sometimes his past would rise up and haunt him, this begged the question, what had this poor boy been through?

As you can imagine, Harry wasn’t short of attention. A lovely family heard his heart-breaking story; we arranged to meet and it didn’t take Harry long before he charmed the socks off his potential new owners, they wanted to adopt him.

Harry’s life has been turned upside down! He has settled in so well, when his dad leaves for work, Harry takes his glove to his bed, keeping it safe for his return!

Harry is a kind, heart-warming soul with an amazing nature, he deserves all the happiness in the world. He is now safe and happy.

The RSPCA Woking Branch would like to take the time to thank his wonderful foster family for everything they have done, without them he wouldn’t be where he is today, thank you for believing him and preparing him for his next big adventure. We are all very grateful and I know Harry is too!!



This tiny six-week-old puppy, weighing less than 3kg was found abandoned, cold and alone, a matter of weeks before Christmas. Wilma was very thin and had a severe upset tummy. We placed her into our experienced foster home where they nurtured and cared for her.

After several trips back and forth to the vets, Wilma was finally on the mend. Day by day this little girl was growing in confidence.

Her new best friend was Stanley, a 50kg Rottweiler, who gave her the support and guidance she required.

Due to Wilma’s age and time of the year, we held back on her adoption for a little while whilst she grew in height and strength.

When the time was right, Wilma’s enquires and applications came flooding in, and it wasn’t long before she was on her way to meet her potential new owners. They fell in love with her, and her with them. This week she has started puppy classes and is loving her new life!

Wilma has landed well and truly on her paws, she is spoilt rotten and loved endlessly, she walked into her new home like she had been there forever!

As you can see by her pictures she has fallen well and truly on her paws!! - Be happy little one!


Little Lottie come into our care just after Christmas. For such a young dog she should have been full of life but sadly this wasn’t the case.

Lottie’s little face told a thousand stories, she was very shy and timid.

Her way of dealing with new things was to play dead. What had this poor puppy been through in her short life? After a short stay at the vets, Lottie was on her way to one of our wonderful foster homes. Everyone who met Lottie instantly fell in love.

Day by day Lottie come out of her shell and her confidence grew. With her big brother leading the way and loving foster parents, she soon realised her life was becoming ever brighter. Lottie bonded very quickly with her new foster mum.

Lottie’s foster family couldn’t bare the thought of her being uprooted again, so they decided it would be best if she became a permanent member of the family!

Every day Lottie is changing and becoming more and more confident, this little girl can now enjoy life knowing that she is now safe.

Thank you to again to our foster family!! (Another one to add to the failed foster list!!)

Continue to be happy lovely Lottie!


Benny was found as a stray, wondering the streets with no family to call his own. Benny lived up to the phrase “Gentle Giant”. Like many others, he come to us, sad, deflated and slowly giving up hope. His face and scars told a thousand stories.

Benny, just like Lottie went into a loving foster home. His reaction to sleeping in a warm bed made us believe it was his first time experiencing a home, a comfortable bed, warmth and love!

Benny is a loving and handsome boy; all he cherished was love and affection, Benny’s foster family have also been added to the “Failed Foster” list, we can see why!!

Be happy Benny, you are a lucky boy and thank you to Benny’s foster dad for seeing what we could see in him .

We wish all our animals that come into our care and happy and care free life. 

Listed below are pictures of the rest of our doggies that have found happiness this month.

We are still looking for more foster families, if you feel you could open your doors, and most of all your hearts, please get in contact with Megan –

 Thank you again to everyone who has helped, supported, fostered, adopted, donated and volunteered without all of you it wouldn't be possible 



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