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End of month news for June

Winnie was a 5-year-old pug x who found her way into our care at the start of the year. Winnie was very nervous and had no confidence. It became very clear that she had not experienced love
or kindness in her 5 years. Winnie was placed into a foster home and very soon she had bonded
with her amazing foster mum and her foster siblings. Shortly after Winnie came into our care, a dog called Molly arrived. She was very similar to Winnie and from the same place. We decided
to see if Molly was what Winnie needed to continue to gain confidence and help bring her out of her shell. After some time, it was decided that Winnie and Molly could be re-homed separately. As time went by, Winnie was becoming closer and more confident with her foster family and we realised it would be difficult to separate her from what she knew to start a new life. Then a lovely family enquired about Winnie, we arranged a meet and greet… Winnie worked her magic and the family, and their greyhound, fell in love with her! She had play dates and visits before her adoption day arrived. Winnie has been with her new family for three weeks! She is settling in beautifully and has bonded very well with her new family and her new sibling. Be happy Winnie, you deserve it!

A big thank you to Terri for all the hard work you put in volunteering for the RSPCA Surrey Woking Branch. You take in the dogs who have nothing, dogs who are completely broken and have no trust in humans, and you teach them all how to love by showing them endless amounts of affection as if they were your own. You are amazing! All the dogs leave your home, confident, happy and loving life! The RSPCA are so grateful to have you and your family as fosterers!




Pixie arrived into our care after sadly not getting along with her siblings. Pixie was shocked and overwhelmed with this change of circumstance and life became daunting for her.
We placed Pixie into one of our experienced foster homes to let her settle and find her feet again. Day by day, she grew stronger and a little bit more of Pixie’s beautiful personality creeped
out. After a month with her foster family, it was time for her to find her forever home. A lovely
lady was eager to know more about Pixie. We explained how nervous and anxious she was,
and everything needed to be taken slowly and at Pixie’s pace. Pixie’s potential mum was very understanding and wanted the best of her. With careful arrangement, we organised a meet and greet. Pixie was very shy and nervous, but Pixie’s potential mum fell in love with her immediately and offered her a forever home. The adoption day came around and Pixie’s wonderful new mum came to collect her. Pixie’s life has turned around! She is enjoying life, she is happy and her personality is blossoming each day and her wonderful cheeky side is coming out to play!! Pixie and her new family are a perfect match and we wish them a long life of happiness together.

Ruby (now Rosie)

Ruby was a very young lurcher x who came into our care after she was found straying, with no microchip and no trace of an owner. Ruby was a typical young lurcher, she loved life and anything that come her way she just took in her stride. Within a week of placing Ruby’s profile online she became an internet sensation! We selected a lovely family who always had lurchers, Ruby was going to make the perfect final addition to their “lurcher pack”. As we knew she would, Ruby charmed the socks off her potential new owners when they met her, and a week later they arrived to take her home and start her new life! Ruby is settling in extremely well, her funny personality keeps them entertained and she is learning the ropes from her gorgeous siblings and enjoying life to the full. Be happy beautiful girl.

Fundraising News

Thank you to everyone who took part in this month’s fundraising event. We organised an Army Assault Course day! True to British weather it was very wet and very cold!! Everyone who took part did amazingly well and completed the challenging course!! Together they raised over £1,500!! Thank you to everyone who took part and to those who kindly donated!! We had a lovely surprise guest… Axle our number one supporter!!

 Fundraising Date for your Diary…

On the 27 th July we have another fundraising event coming up, it would be great to see you all!!





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