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December News


December has been a busy month and lots of animals have come into our care. Due to the time of year, we put a hold on adoptions until the new year; it is a busy period for people and routines can be different, this can be confusing and stressful for animals, especially ones that are new to the family.

However, we received the best Christmas present EVER!  Do you remember our old boy Crosby? This poor boy lost his human mum and his litter sister in close succession and sadly his other owner was unable to care for him. At nearly 13 years old, Crosby would have to start looking for a new home.

Crosby came into the care of the Woking branch in poor health.  An examination at the vets showed he was in urgent need of a dental and he had several lumps and bumps on his side and under his chin, which needed assessing. Crosby’s lumps were removed and sent off to the lab, the news come back that he had a grade 2 mast cell tumour. This meant the tumour could return, more aggressively, or it could stay benign.

After lengthy discussions with the vets we came to the agreement that we would not put this boy through any more tests, but we would let him live his life and enjoy freedom and endless amounts of love, which he so badly craved. Crosby was spritely, happy and loving, it seemed whatever came his way he was prepared to battle it. You couldn’t begin to imagine what this poor boy had been through prior to coming to us, but he showed happiness and contentment.

Crosby was placed in a foster home, where he was loved, and they adored him. Sadly, as Crosby was uncertain and nervous of other dogs this restricted his foster family with visiting family dogs, so we needed to find permanent accommodation for Crosby where he would be an only dog. We opened up a Branch Assisted Adoption for Crosby, explaining what his needs where. Crosby received an offer, but sadly due to no fault of his own it didn’t work out, and he was back with his original foster family. This was a sad time for everyone as we made it very clear to everyone that we wanted this to be his final move. Crosby slotted straight back into his normal routine and life with his foster family, it was clear he adored them and they him.

Just before Christmas, we went to visit him. It was so lovely to see Crosby relaxed and happy in a home environment, but also sad to think that we would have to find another family for Crosby, but could we find better than what he was already receiving?

Then we received news from his foster family…they had been talking and discussing Crosby’s future, they couldn’t bare to think of him being passed around again when he was so settled and happy. They couldn’t change that for him, he was going to be a permanent member of their family.

Crosby is loving life, he is happy, loved and spoilt rotten! We couldn’t ask for a happier ending! We wish you a lifetime of happiness Crosby, you have pulled the heart strings of so many and we adore you.


 Bailey was a boy of 15 years old, he was looking for new home due to his family becoming too elderly to take care of him and sadly they were not aloud to take him with them. It is always a worry finding our senior pets a new home as it can be stressful for them, we don’t know how they may react with such change.

One of our amazing families who adopted one of our dogs a year ago, approached us following the recent loss of one of their cats. They heard Bailey’s story and wanted to offer him a home for the rest of his days. We were over the moon! Just look at him now… settled, happy and enjoying his twilight years! His brother Ted is showing him the ways!!

Thank you to everyone who provided Christmas updates of their recently adopted animals, it is so lovely to see, here we have Gizmo giving us his Christmas update…

Hello. Gizmo here. My new owners left their laptop unlocked (schoolboy error), so I thought I'd hop on and let you know how I'm getting on.  Well, it's been a couple of weeks. I have to admit I was very scared for the first week or so, and hid behind and under the sofa a lot. But as you can see from the photos I've got a bit more confident since then and I think they're starting to realize who's boss around here, I even have my own double bed - very roomy. Just to earn my keep I've also started to entertain them by chasing lengths of ribbon. Well, you have to, don't you? The poor things are disappointed otherwise. So please feel free to let my last owners know I am a very happy chappie.  Anyway, I have to thank you for looking after me so well, and my new owners and I wish you and all the staff at Woking RSPCA a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

That's all I can say just now as I'm finding this keyboard a right pain.

Love and head-butts, Gizmo xxx"

Thank you to everyone who has adopted or fostered this year, you have changed the life of so many and made their dreams come true! Hopefully we can find the same for all the others in our care, please visit our "find a pet" section of our website or our Facebook page to see a full list of all the animals looking for their own happy endings... 


Remember when you take on a rescue animal you are saving two, the one you are adopting and the one who will occupy the free foster home...

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