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August News

Cider, Pepsi & Jilly

Cider (formerly Georgie Boy) arrived into our care after being picked up by the local dog warden. He was found wandering the streets with no microchip and no one looking for him. Cider was a very shy and timid soul. He would cower away when anyone went towards him, we could only imagine what heartache he had experienced in his life. He was going to need plenty of TLC and affection to bring him out of his shell. He was taken in by one of our wonderful foster families. Day by day Cider warmed to his new home and started to enjoy home comforts and began to slowly trust people again. It wasn’t long before his foster family decided to adopt him and have him as a permanent family member. He was soon joined by Pepsi. Sadly, she was an ex-breeding bitch who had many litters, her owners no longer had a purpose for her. Pepsi found her way into the care of the RSPCA Woking Branch. She was a very loving and kind soul who needed comfort and affection. Pepsi formed a very strong bondwith Cider and soon both become reliant on one another. We received an update from their foster family, they had decided to adopt the pair of them!! Their lives would never be the same again, as two soon became three… Jilly was one of a group of five dogs that arrived into our care. She also had been used for breeding. Jilly was a confident girl, and she slotted in very well at her new foster home and with her new siblings! One week into her stay, we received the call we all dreamed of receiving… Jilly had also found her forever home!! So, in the space of a couple of months, our wonderful foster family adopted Cider, Pepsi and Jilly! All three of them are finally living happy and care free lives, with endless amounts of love and comfort, they are very lucky to have found their new forever homes! Be happy guys x


Misty’s owner sadly passed away and she found her way into our care. She was one of five dogs. With her kind and loving nature Misty would allow the others dogs to walk over her and dominate her, she would submit and put the others before herself. Out of all of them, Misty seemed to be the saddest and the one who needed the most time to help her regain her confidence in people. Misty was placed into a pet free foster home to see if receiving 100% of the love and attention would be the ideal recipe to mend this beautiful broken girl. Within a week, Misty had charmed the socks off her foster mum and she wanted to adopt (another foster family on our ‘Failed Foster’ list!) Misty is now known as Pudding! She is thriving day by day, she is receiving endless amounts of love and attention, she doesn’t have to share the love, it’s all about her!! She is very much loved and the happiest she has ever been, Pudding and her new mum are the perfect match!! Be happy Pudding!


Molly, arrived into our care at the start of the year. She was a very scared and unsure girl who clearly had never been shown any love or affection. Before Molly arrived, Winnie came into our care and promptly went into foster care with one of our regular families. Having heard of Molly’s arrival, Winnie’s foster family offered to take Molly home too, to see if Winnie’s support and presence could bring her out of her shell. Day by day, Molly became a little more confident and a little bolder, she bonded well with her new foster mum.

Winnie soon found her forever home and was adopted by another lovely family.

Days crept by and then months. Molly had a few enquiries but with her quirky ways and the bond she had with her foster mum we all knew when the day of adoption approached it would be a difficult one! Molly would do anything to please her new foster family, she had settled in well with the family’s dogs. It wasn’t long before she was off the lead, enjoying walks, playing with her siblings and happily living the life of a loved and cared for dog.

One afternoon, six months after Molly came into our care, we received a video of Molly playing with Rocky (the Boxer), her foster brother, with the caption “I couldn’t separate these two, how do we go about requesting adoption papers”

We were delighted to receive this message! Molly had formed such a bond with her foster mum, the way she looks at her mum would melt your heart. Be happy Molly!!



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