Suffolk East Coast Branch
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Start your search for a pet today

We don't have any animals available for rehoming today, however there are plenty of animals available across the RSPCA who are waiting for their perfect match.

Adopt an RSPCA animal

Above there are some photographs of animals in our care, and you can find out more about these pets who are looking for a new home to start their lives. 

Our animals are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (where appropriate) before they are rehomed. You also qualify for 6 weeks free More<Than pet insurance for any cat or dog adopted from us.

If you can't find the pet you're looking for now, check back regularly to see if your perfect match has become available. Or visit Find a pet to view other animals in the RSPCA's care across England and Wales who are looking for a new home.

Please consider one other thing when looking for a new pet, you may already have an exact idea of the pet you are looking for but please also visit and view all the other animals available too, because, from our past experiences many people's first choice of pet change when they spend a bit of time with some of the other pets and bonding begin with that special but different little bit of happiness........ please come with an open mind, you may just surprise yourself.



This is Lucy, or should we say "Lucky Lucy"  because Lucy was rescued and brought into our care, and, at long last in late September 2015, Lucy had a lovely lady visit her, they spent time together to bond, and now Lucy has started her new life of love, care and freedom in her new home - no more pen-conditions for Lucy.


We are so pleased for Lucy and the lady to have found each other, good luck to them both and happy lives together.

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