Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre

Callout to all primary schools in the area

Here at Stapeley Grange, educating the younger generation on all aspects of animal welfare is important to us and we have an education team whose priority is to do just that.

Ultimately, the long-term goal is to reduce future animal neglect and cruelty and we believe that getting this message across to children is the way to do it.

Our education team work with primary schools in Cheshire and Staffordshire by giving assemblies and offering workshops.

In our assemblies, which can be offered to the whole school free of charge, a Powerpoint presentation covers the role and history of the RSPCA. The content raises awareness of animals’ needs and suggests ways pupils can help animals in their community - either by fundraising or by caring for the environment.

Learning that they can do something that benefits others is a life lesson that children can’t learn too early.

As well as assemblies, we also offer half-day workshops suitable for individual classes (max 30 pupils), charged at £80.

The workshops are tailored to primary key stages and are linked to Early Learning Goals, and national curriculum science and citizenship targets.

For Early Years Foundation Stage pupils, we talk about the work of vets and do some role-playing in an animal hospital. We also do an activity where children match photos to toy animals, to help develop vocabulary.

For Key Stage 1 pupils we look at animal and bird names, and we discuss the important of habitats and the danger of pollution and litter.

And finally, for Key Stage 2 children we delve more in-depth into the needs of animals and how to care for pets. We also talk about the work of RSPCA inspectors, how to help animals in the community and how to make personal choices that have a positive impact on animal welfare.

We have had a lot of good feedback about our workshops and assemblies. If you’d like to find out more, email