Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre

All I want for Christmas is Coo!

Bird-lovers are being urged to offer new homes for unwanted pets  

Stapeley Grange is looking for new homes for a large number of domestic pigeons.  Over 20 birds are currently being looked after at the charity’s Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich. 

Although the centre regularly admits domestic birds, it’s seen a particular increase in pigeons this year, possibly due to the current economic climate and people no longer being able to afford to keep them.

Some of the birds are thought to be lost pets while others may have been deliberately abandoned and have come in from all over the North West, the Midlands and Wales. A number of them have also been signed over into RSPCA care because of concerns for their welfare.  

 However, finding new homes for domestic pigeons is not easy. 

Lee Stewart, manager at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, said: “All animals deserve a second chance and we are always keen to find new homes for every domestic pigeon which comes through our doors, whether they be unwanted, neglected or unable to be reunited with their owner.

“It can be tricky finding new owners for these birds as not many people have the facilities to house them. We can relocate the pigeons anywhere within 100 miles to the right homes, and we’d urge anyone who is in a position to be able to help us to get in touch.”

New owners will need to have large aviaries and previous/current experience of caring for domestic pigeons, as well as the necessary time and resources.

Some of the pigeons are ex-racers but there are also fancy pigeons who are looking for a fresh start.

Prospective adopters can contact Stapeley Grange on 0300 123 0722 or email

It typically costs the centre around £50,000 to feed the 6,000 animals which are admitted every year. Anyone who would like to support its vital work can now donate online.

The RSPCA has revealed that this Christmas animal neglect and abandonment are at a three-year high. The combined effects of the pandemic and a cost of living crisis have meant more animals than ever will need our help this year. That’s why we’re  asking supporters to Join the Christmas Rescue by donating to help rescue teams reach the thousands of animals who desperately need them.