Staffordshire North Branch
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Interested in volunteering for the RSPCA?

We rely entirely on volunteers and couldn’t help animals in our local area without the wonderful people who give their time to run and support the branch. Whilst we cannot offer any direct contact with animals (as we do not have our own Centre) we desperately need new people to be involved in making the branch a focal point for the pet community in the region.

 Becoming part of your local branch offers you an opportunity to make a difference to animals in need locally, build your skills and experience, improve your CV, meet new people and use your creative flair to benefit a great local animal welfare service.  

 We are looking for a group of creative and innovative people to help take the Branch to the next level.  Over the next two years we need to raise in excess of half a million pound and we are looking for people to commit to being part of this adventure.

You will join a well established group of staff and volunteers, including a local charity shop based in Hanley, a home check team, a dedicated committee and numerous event organisers and fundraisers.

 Current roles available:

 Event Helper

To help at events and store collections. This can be anything from an hour or two to a whole day. This work is vital to our fundraising as an hour with a collecting bucket at a store is our best fundraising activity.

We also have a number of specialist roles. To view these please visit our site.

Find a volunteering opportunity

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