South West Somerset Branch

How we help our local community


Where we help:


How we help:

We offer financial assistance to help local animals most in need in our branch area via our veterinary voucher scheme. To see if you can get help with your veterinary bills from us, you will need to call our welfare line. This line is answered by volunteers, often on a call back basis so please leave a voicemail . Please be patient, this is not an emergency line, if in urgent need please speak with your vet. The WELFARE LINE number to call is 07791 759 813.

We also promote responsible pet ownership through neutering and microchipping


In 2023:

We issued veterinary vouchers to cover the veterinary bills and neutering costs of 765 animals at a cost of £71,694

This helped dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters as well as a guinea pig and a bearded dragon in need, all in the South West Somerset area

We fully funded an Education Officer for outreach in to the community, this engagement reached over 10,000 individuals across the year

We supported our local RSPCA Inspectors with financial aid to help them continue to rescue local animals from dreadful situations

As well as also supporting with the initial veterinary treatment and neutering of stray dogs in our area taken in to St Giles Animal Centre

The money we raise in our charity shops in Taunton, Wellington, Chard and Bridgwater along with donations goes directly towards funding the welfare work we support in your local area

Financial assistance checker

Veterinary financial aid

07791 759813

Owned animals only. Please visit for any other enquiries