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Appeal for help towards Boo's Treatment

Boo, a 4 year old English bulldog, has recently come to us following a change in her owners circumstances. Sadly, we often take in animals that have been loved and cared for by their owners but they have struggled to keep on top of their health needs for various reasons.

Boo is one of these cases, she needs an entropion repair on both eyes, this causes her eyelids to fold inwards, the skin and eyelashes then rub the sensitive cornea causing pain and irritation. She is also being treated for cherry eye, which is a prolapse of the third eyelid and left untreated this could cause blindness in the affected eye.

It is hoped Boo will make a quick recovery from her surgery and will be ready to find her new forever home - we will keep you updated - please give what you can to support Boo and other animals like her that need a new start.

In 2021 we spent £4,786 on additional veterinary treatments for 16 of the 30 dogs we rehomed that year - that's on top of the costs for boarding them whilst rehabilitating and finding them their perfect home. We have seen a year on year increase in funds spent on veterinary treatment needed for dogs taken in for rehoming, resulting in the need to continually raise additional funds to ensure that we can continue this essential work.

To donate to help fund Boo’s treatment, visit:

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