Oxfordshire Branch

What's involved in fostering a dog from RSPCA Oxfordshire?

RSPCA Oxfordshire is in desperate need of dog foster carers. We do not have our own kennel facility and some dogs need one-to-one care and therefore we rely heavily on our volunteers to home dogs waiting to find their new owners.

Many people love dogs and would make great owners but feel that they are unable to make a long-term commitment, for their own reasons. Occasionally these caring people feel that fostering a dog may be a good alternative as it is a shorter-term solution. However, whether a dog is yours for ever, or fostered for a few weeks, the commitment and responsibilities remain the same.

What does the role of dog foster carer involve?

There are two types of fostering role at the RSPCA:

  1. Fosterers for dogs ready to be rehomed
  2. Fosterers for ‘case dogs’ whilst legal proceedings take place.

Whilst a dog is always reviewed by our team before they are placed in foster care, some dogs may have needs above that of a well-cared for, trained pet. We therefore need foster carers who are experienced with dogs, their care and training and can take some part in the rehabilitation of the animal if they have suffered at the hands of humans or been neglected, for example.

Your role as foster carer will be largely to understand the dog’s personality and respond accordingly, whilst offering a safe place to develop in. You will be giving the usual care to feed, exercise and train the dog in your own home, as well as make any trips to the vet with them. There may also be occasions when a prospective owner would like to meet the dog and speak to you regarding their personality.

As a foster carer, your role will be voluntary, but all expenses will be covered by the charity.

We try to rehome our dogs as quickly as possible, but sometimes if they are involved in a legal case for prosecution we may see them with foster carers for longer periods. One of our Oxfordshire dog foster carers said, ‘I love fostering dogs and it's always bittersweet, but mostly sweet. To see them go off with their happy new family is wonderfully rewarding. I also get updates about how they're doing, and I love that too.’

If you are interested in the role of dog foster carer, we will be delighted to speak to you about the finer details and answer any questions you might have.

Please contact our Operations Manager, Sharon Chrisp on info@rspcaoxford.org.uk or 07887 475401 for more information.