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Volunteering with animals to get up close and personal

Understandably we get a lot of requests from work experience students and volunteers who want to help animals in need by socialising and training, exercising, feeding and cleaning them. Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with a gorgeous pet who craves love and attention?!


As a small branch of the national charity, we don’t currently have a dedicated animal centre or kennels where we can offer these types of roles, so we have to sadly decline any offers from eager volunteers looking for animal contact roles.

We can however, put you in touch with the fabulous Blackberry Farm animal centre for the RSPCA, located in Quainton, Aylesbury. We have a close connection with this branch as they often take in animals that have been through the Oxfordshire branch and don’t have a foster home lined up yet.

They say, "We're always looking for people to help us, so even if we don’t have any specific volunteer vacancies listed on the website that might suit you, please get in touch with us." Maria, Blackberry Farm 

And when we last spoke to Blackberry Farm, Maria told us they are preparing to recruit a new batch of volunteers in November.

To find out which roles are available, please use the link below. Click ‘Find a Volunteering Opportunity’ on the right and enter ‘Quainton’ in the search box. 


Volunteering with RSPCA Oxfordshire

If Quainton is too far to travel, as we understand that might be the case, and you still want to help animals in need we are seeking foster homes for cats, dogs and small furries such as rabbits.

Fostering can be very rewarding, but it takes a special kind of person! One who is understanding of possible additional needs, someone who is ideally at home for the majority of the day and night, and able to give their attention freely. This really is a wonderful way to get some special time with pets in need, most of whom have left their homes through no fault of their own.

Home visitors are also needed to meet with potential adopters and follow up to see the pets in their new homes and make sure everyone is settled and happy. If you love animals and are good with people too, this may be a great role for you.

If you’d like to find out more about what volunteering role would suit you, please visit our Volunteer Page.

But if you know exactly what you’d like to do, tell us on getinvolved@rspca-oxfordshire.org.uk and let us know when you’re available and where you’d like to work.

Thanks to volunteers, we are able to reduce the stress of rehoming, which makes the pets more appealing to adopters, and keeps them healthy and happy for longer.

Thank you for considering giving your time this worthy cause.