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How you can support the RSPCA without giving money

We’re all feeling the effects of price rises – from our mortgages to our favourite snacks everything seems to be costing more. Our beloved pets are feeling the pinch too and coupled with our usual ‘busy season’ the cost-of-living crisis is seeing our adoption centres flooded with surrendered animals that have become too costly for their owners to keep on.

“In the first four months of 2022 the RSPCA took in 79% more rabbits and 18% more cats compared with the same period in 2021.” RSPCA Animal Kindness Index 2022

Whilst we desperately need foster carers to take on an animal waiting to be rehomed, and donations of money, food, bedding, and toys, we understand that this is not necessarily an easy time to be asking. That’s why we’d like to ask you to continue to support the RSPCA in other ways, that won’t cost you any money.

Charity shops

Our shops rely on donations of clothes, small household items and furniture as a good regular source of income for our local branches. Please have a rummage through your wardrobes or encourage your teenagers who are off to university soon, to fill some bags for one of our charity shops.

With the holiday season, and the current price rises lots of people are choosing to buy from charity shops for summer outfits and wardrobe staples – one person’s donation is another person’s go-to outfit!

Find the nearest charity shop and warehouse to you, by using the RSPCA charity shop finder.

Amazon Smile

While we're talking about shopping... If you use Amazon, did you know you can switch to Amazon Smile and we'll get a small percentage of your shopping bill back from them? It doesn't you cost you a penny but keeps a small but vital amount trickling in... Your account won't affected in any way.

Social media

RSPCA Oxfordshire has a Facebook page, an Instagram account and we’re on Twitter. If you are too, please follow them and like and share the content. Raising awareness of the charity’s work, and sharing the fact that people always have help at hand can alleviate the stress of pet ownership and help people make the right decisions. It can also help share the message of how donations help keep us going and protect unwanted and abandoned animals from danger and abuse.


We’re always looking for help, whether it’s bunny snugglers, cat, rabbit or dog foster carers or fundraisers, we need our volunteers to fill the roles that keep us visible in the community and make sure our pets feel continually loved.

Microvolunteering involves using your phone or laptop to complete quick activities that our Volunteer Support Team invites you to take part in, and you have access to our community Assemble for additional support. Find out more about microvolunteering for the RSPCA online.

Fostering is entirely cost free to our carer volunteers and is vital to ensure continuity of care for animals. Please speak to the Oxfordshire foster team on info@rspcaoxford.org.uk or 07887 475403 if you’d like to become a foster carer.

Trustees and committee members. Our branch is solely funded by local fundraising and run by local volunteers. We always need help ‘on the board’ with admin and managing calls and emails from the public and RSPCA inspectors. If you work part-time, are approaching retirement or have time to give back to the community, becoming a trustee would be invaluable to us. Have a chat with our branch to find out how you can fit in with our friendly team.

If you’re struggling with pet care

The most important thing if you’re struggling to cope with the rising cost of pet ownership, is to ask for help. The RSPCA is here to support you as much as your animal companions. Whilst we may not be able to offer free vet treatment, there are schemes that we can advise you about. If you really don’t want to give up your pet, we can direct you to other animal charities that can also support you. And if you feel you can’t manage, please ask us to take your pet in to either foster care for short-term relief or adoption.

There’s more financial advice from RSPCA England on their website, and always someone at RSPCA Oxford to listen.