Oxfordshire Branch

Get help with the cost of neutering your pets

How do we solve the problem of stray cats and dogs? And how do we keep our rescue centres and foster homes free from unwanted litters?

The answer to both these questions is to neuter. For the most part the responsibility falls on the owner to ensure their cat, dog or rabbit is spayed or neutered, however rehoming centres will do it if the animal is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. In rare cases, the animal warden will collect an animal that appears to be stray, normally cats, neuter them and then release them back to where they were found. 

Financial help with neutering

We’re pleased to say that the RSPCA Oxfordshire is able to help you with the cost of neutering your pet.

We assist people on means-tested benefits so that pets that are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies can be treated, and you can feel confident that you won’t have to handle an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.

There is a form to complete to make sure you meet the simple criteria, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your responses:

Neutering assistance form

 Please get in touch with your vet as soon as possible to talk about protecting your pet, and to find out the cost of the procedure. In some circumstances we may be able to support you with other vet bills. Please get as much information from your vet before telling us about the situation.

If you need to speak to someone in person, you can call 07887 475403 Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm or email nigelheptonstall@rspcaoxford.org.uk.

Adopt don’t shop

Our slogan is ‘adopt, don’t’ shop’, because there are more than enough pets in kennels and foster care that are looking for their forever home!

We can prevent unwanted pregnancies in pets and vastly reduce the numbers of abandoned and surrendered animals by neutering, but it can be an expensive procedure. Please think carefully about the financial commitment before buying a young pet. Adopting a needy young cat, dog or rabbit is relatively low cost and the healing is already complete when you take them home to start your lives together.