Oxfordshire Branch

From Brum to mum - Dinah's story

Dinah was found as a stray in the back streets of the city of Birmingham and despite being very young herself, she was heavily pregnant.

It’s a policy of the RSPCA to reach out to regional branches when the central rehoming centres are busy. Hence Oxfordshire was contacted to help with several cats and kittens that Birmingham didn’t have the space for.

So, when Dinah came our way, by now caring very well for her two adorable tiny kittens, we were happy to find a warm foster home for her.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Dinah’s kittens to find a home, and off they went together to their new family, who have kept in touch with our fosterer. Meanwhile, Dinah has been adopted by the very lady who took her in!

We commented that Dinah was lucky to have found a home so quickly and her carer said,

'I'm the lucky one with Dinah. She's a real character and has made my house a home. Who knew a stray cat from Birmingham was meant to be mine! Her kittens are doing well too. The couple who adopted them have sent me loads of photos of them surrounded by toys. It’s good to know they are spoiled and loved :)’

Sometimes when a fosterer adopts their pet, it means we lose that home for future animals. However, on this happy occasion, Dinah is very sociable with both cats and dogs, and will comfortably become a foster sister herself.

She’ll soon be fit and well from her neutering operation and ready to welcome a new foster pet into her home.

Can you find room in your home for a foster cat like Dinah?

Although we work closely with a cat kennel, the best place for a pet to be is in a home.

We’re always looking for new foster homes for the cats that come our way. If you can find room in your home to help a cat like Dinah, please contact us on 07935 014823 or email info@rspcaoxford.org.uk.

It only takes one person to make a lifetime’s difference.