Oxfordshire Branch

Feed us for a fiver

It costs around £5 a month for a foster carer to keep a homeless pet well fed. Not much is it?

RSPCA Oxfordshire is a small stand-alone charity. We cannot rely on funding from the national charity you all know and love, and so every now and then we must reach out to our local community to help us feed our foster pets.

During September, we are asking if you are able to set up a regular monthly donation of just £5 to help fund the cost of foster care.

For pets like Cinamon and Nutmeg, Bean who was found under a bush and Flo the lurcher 

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You don’t need to adopt an animal to help

This September, you can help pets in foster homes by choosing to make a regular monthly donation of just £5 to our appeal fund. Meet Flo the lurcher who was found abandoned, and brought in by the Inspectorate:

Starved and then left to fend for herself


Just look at the difference a healthy meal, warm home and love can make! Be part of a success story like Flo’s this September and give £5 a month to save a life.

£5 a month for a meal

The Oxfordshire branch of the RSPCA relies on foster carers to look after our homeless animals before they find their new families. Kittens like Dinah’s litter need almost constant care and special attention. 

Whilst RSPCA Oxfordshire is affiliated to the national charity, we are a separately registered charity and responsible for raising our own funds, and we need your help.

That’s why we’re appealing to you to make a monthly donation, or whatever you can afford, to help our foster homes cover the cost of taking care of pets like Flo and Dinah’s kittens.

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Thank you so much for your support. Please feel free to share our appeal with your friends.