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Feb News Letter


Registered charity number 232254

February 2016 Newsletter

Did you know our branch is over 200 years old?

We began as the Liverpool Society for the Suppression of Wanton Cruelty to Brute Animals in 1809. The society wanted to help ease the suffering of animals at the docks. They noted the aims of the society were:

  • To expose cruelties practised on the animal creation.

  • To diffuse practical, moral and religious information and humane views in society.

  • To engage the clergy and ministers of various denominations in advocating the cause of the society in their pulpits and their private instructions.

  • To circulate suitable tracts either gratuitously or by cheap sale to the lower classes.

  • To endeavour to interest the public officers and overlookers on the subject and to gain information from them.

By 1841 the RSPCA Liverpool was established. The Liverpool Review Sept 2 1893 wrote ‘Owing to RSPCA work many brutal sports and practices have become illegal and the statutes made for the protection of domestic animals have been enacted and enforced. Upwards of 50,000 convictions in cases of aggravated cruelty have been obtained by means  of it’s officers…. While it’s primary object is the protection of creatures who minister to men’s wants, it is obvious that in no less degree it seeks to elevate human nature’.

Sadly today cases of animal cruelty are still dealt with by RSPCA Inspectors and all RSPCA centres are daily getting calls asking for space so the animals can be rescued. For a very long time our branch was contracted by local councils of Merseyside to help with stray dogs. In May 2013 the branch decided to stop dealing with stray dogs and concentrate on helping RSPCA Inspectors with their work. Now we provide support for RSPCA generated dogs and cats and our staff work hard to help rehabilitate animals that have not had the best start in life. Many arrive in very poor condition, very frightened or in urgent need of medical attention. Although it can be heartbreaking at times for the staff it is also very rewarding to see the daily improvements the animals make while with us.

We now have capacity for over 100 dogs and 40 cats. There have been several changes to the buildings on site over the last several years. A new vet suite was opened some five years ago, so we can administer medicines and perform small operations, with the kind assistance from the vets at RSPCA Salford Hospital. Halewood running costs exceed £1,500.00 per day so we need as much support from the public now as ever before. The Committee and branch staff have raised money via events such as the ever popular Fun Dog show, Santa Paws and collections within some major supermarkets, but these do not come near to the funds required, legacies kindly left to us in the past were our greatest asset, but times change with peoples own personal needs, so we are now looking to different ways to raise enough funds to cover our operating costs. This is where you come in!

We are calling on all Branch Members and supporters to join us, to raise awareness of what we do, so we can continue for the next 200 years.

We would welcome your feedback and ideas, so that we can start to plan fundraising events throughout the coming year, your telephone calls to the branch office would be appreciated 0151 220 3812, but an email detailing your own ideas and initiatives would be more manageable. The email address to use is

You can find us on Facebook……RSPCA Liverpool branch

You can find us on Twitter…..@RSPCA Liverpool

We have a website too…

We plan to produce a quarterly newsletter to let people know about the work we are doing too.


We look forward to hearing from you, and your support is, as ever, greatly appreciated.


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