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Welcome to the RSPCA Liverpool Branch. RSPCA Liverpool is a separately registered charity to the national RSPCA. We receive no government funding and are primarily responsible for raising funds locally to deliver vital animal welfare services through the animal centre. We are managed by a group of local trustees who undertake the huge task of running the branch each year. As an independent branch of the RSPCA each year we are faced with the task of raising £500,000 to ensure we can keep our centre running, enabling us to look after all the animals in need that come to us. Within the centre we look after animals who have come to us for a variety of reasons including : Neglect, Abuse and changes in owner’s circumstances etc. The animals in our care are looked after by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers who identify the individual animals needs and commit to working with the animals to build up their confidence,temperament and in some cases interaction with other animals and people. All this is carried out by the team with a view to re-homing them with suitable owners.

We urgently need your support to continue our work and this can be achieved by any of the following:

• Volunteers to come in and befriend the animals

• Public Donations

• A gift in your will

• Supporting our events / fun days ( Easter, Christmas, summer fun day)

• Buying your pet food, toys, accessories from our one stop shop

• Making a donation via our donation page


• You could also send the dogs and cats a gift off our amazon wish list


Rehome a pet - can you offer a home to an animal in our care?