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Adopting an Animal from RSPCA Liverpool

Adopting an Animal

The adoption procedure involves completing a questionnaire, one to one chats with staff and a home visit. We ask that all the family visit the animal at the Centre before a reservation can be taken. If you are adopting a dog and you already have one, you will also be asked to bring your existing dog to the centre to meet the new one. We will need to see an up to date vaccination card before they meet.

We have a number of large grass exercise pens where they can meet both on and off the lead to see how they react to one and other.

If you wish to adopt a cat and have a cat/dog at home we will need to see an up to date vaccination card.

If you live in rented accommodation you will be asked to bring in written proof off your landlord / council giving you permission to have a dog / cat in their property.

Once everyone is happy a home visit will be carried out to check that your home is suitable for the pet you have chosen. Normally, the home visit will be carried out within a week but, often, is much sooner than this.

Once the home visit has been successfully completed, and the animal is ready to go home we will contact you to arrange a date of collection. There will be some final paper work to get out of the way - then you can take your new pet home!

If you are collecting a dog please try and have someone with you as we don’t know how well he/she will travel.


A follow up home visit may be carried out at a later date to make sure that everyone is still happy.

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