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Lost your Pet?


If you have lost a dog, the first thing to do is contact your local dog warden (check your local council website for details), and also phone vets, police, and local rescue shelters. If your dog has been found and isn’t identified straight away, it will be sent to a dog pound that is run or funded by your local council. Check the arrangements for your area (council website again). Collars do get lost and even microchips are sometimes not correctly detected, so don’t rely on these. If at all possible, go to the pound and check the dogs there yourself. It’s not unknown for a dog to be mis-identified or wrongly described at a busy pound – if your dog is accidentally labeled ‘GSD x’ and you phone up looking for a collie, you might never know he is there.


If you have lost a cat also try vets, police and local rescue centers. Your local council should be able to tell you if a dead cat has been picked up by their road clearing teams, if the worst has happened. Put up posters to tell your neighbors you are looking, and you may also want to try putting notes through doors and asking everyone to check their garages, sheds, and even lofts.

Here are some useful numbers below for your local dog wardens and animal wardens:


Animal Wardens is 0151 374 2174

Liverpool Dog wardens is 0151 233 3001

Sefton Dog wardens is 0845 140 0845

Knowsley Dog wardens is 0151 443 2300

Halton Dog wardens is 0151 907 8300


You can also email the animal wardens...