Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln Branch
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Start your search for a pet today

We don't have any animals available for rehoming today, however there are plenty of animals available across the RSPCA who are waiting for their perfect match.

Adopt an RSPCA animal

Above you can find out about the animals in our care who are looking for their forever home. 

Our animals are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (where appropriate) before they are rehomed. 

If you can't find the pet you're looking for now, check back regularly to see if your perfect match has become available. Or visit Find a pet to view other animals in the RSPCA's care across England and Wales who are looking for a new home.

Our Adoption Fees


All our cats are vaccinated, neutered, de-flead and wormed before being rehomed. We also  microchip them for you. The cost of a female neuter alone can be £100+, so your donation will save you money compared to doing these things yourself at your vets. 1 adult cat is £65. If you adopt a pair it is £100. Older cats and cats with health issues £25


Your dog will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. The cost of a female neuter alone can be £100+, so your donation will save you money compared to doing these things yourself at your vets.We ask £120 donation for a standard dog adoption. Older dogs, pairs of dogs and dogs with health issues will be given individual prices. Pedigrees may be subject to a greater charge. Our prices are in line with all other dog charities, and enable us to carry on helping dogs in need.


We only rehome in pairs, single if bunny does not like others, or you are bonding with existing rabbit (not with guinea pigs). 

All our rabbits are neutered, myxi vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed. Pet shops usually charge about £25 each for a single rabbit without any of the above done.We charge £30 for a single rabbit and £45 for a pair.  

Guinea Pigs

We do not home piggies to be kept on their own, unless they do not like other pigs. 

Guinea pigs can also live up to 8 years, and are kept in pairs or groups of females, and paired males (not with rabbits). 

Home Visits

Prior to any adoption we carry out a home visit. This is an informal visit by a volunteer, lasting around 20 minutes. This is just for us to check you have a home / family that is appropriate for your new furbaby. The home visits will show if you have a suitable home (enclosed garden for dogs; appropriate sized hutch for rabbits; not on a main road for cats etc) and to show that you have considered the commitment needed for a new animal.

You will then be contacted by the branch once you have passed your home visit successfully.

For more information, please contact us on

Adoption Fees

Adult Dog - £120

Puppy - £130

Dog with medical needs or over aged 7 - £80

Adult Cat/Kitten - £65

2 adult cats adopted at same time - £100

Cats with medical needs or over aged 7 - £25

Adult Rabbit - £30 (£15 per additional rabbit)

Giant Rabbit (Pure Breed) - £90

Giant Rabbit (Crossbreed) - £60

Guinea Pig - £10 (£5 per additional Guinea)

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