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2020 News

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well, due to COVID-19, we have been quiet with our end of month news but busy with other RSPCA duties.

In April, we received the go-ahead to resume with re-homing, but with lots of strict guidelines in place.

We would like to thank all our new owners for making this possible by keeping to social
distancing, completing forms and doing interviews virtually and spending the extra time allowing us to get to know them.

We have had a busy few month’s trying hard to make the stories below possible. Here are
some of the adorable animals who have fallen, well and truly, on their paws!


Ozzie, the escape artist, arrived into our care after his owners decided to sign him over to us as he repeatedly escaped and ran away. Ozzie has always been a lovable, friendly boy, but it was abundantly clear that he had never experienced a loving home environment. Things took a bit of getting used to, but after a month, Ozzie began to enjoy some home comforts with his foster family. He was a confident, cheeky, happy, and loving chap who was soon ready to start a search for his forever home. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of applications we received. However, we selected a special family whom we felt would understand him and help him continue to grow. Needless to say, the rest is history and Ozzie moved into his new home; it was love all round! He is adjusting well to his new home, new routine and having a loving family. He looks such a happy boy and we are all delighted that he has found his happy ever after.

You are a lucky boy Ozzie, continue being blissfully happy and cheeky!

Buddy, Lola, Macie and Willow

As you may remember, earlier in the year, the RSPCA took in an emaciated and poorly
treated lurcher. Betty was found abandoned with no microchip and no trace of an owner and
it was soon very obvious that she was carrying pups. Our hearts broke for this poor beautiful
girl. Betty was a couple of days into her new foster home when she went into labour. She
gave birth to four bouncy, healthy and happy puppies whom we named Brownie (now
Buddy), Glenda (now Lola), Willow and Macie. We named two of the pups in memory of our late animal behaviourist, Glenn Brown, who is still in our hearts.

As you can imagine, the number of applications for these gorgeous four were in the hundreds within 24 hours. We went through and carefully considered every single application we received, and we want to thank you all so much to everyone who took the time to register their interest. The applications crept up and up, and after a week we were confident we had selected four perfect homes. Again, after lots of discussions, virtual home checks and references, we arranged the adoption days!

All four puppies are thriving in their new homes! Each of them appear to have the same
talent… DIGGING!!! All of them are happy and very much loved! Thank you so much to all
our four families for loving and taking care of each of them so well, we wish you all a life long of happiness together.

Betty is still with us, just for the time being, but she will soon be looking for her forever home;
we are more than confident she will have no trouble in finding her perfect family, she is such a special girl to us, if we could we would keep her forever.

A massive THANK YOU to our amazing fosterer who took Betty in at her time of need. Betty
trusted you implicitly and considering what she had been through previously, this showed us
that you are one in a million and we feel very lucky and honoured to have you as part of our team!


Back in January, we received a phone call to ask if we could help an elderly Corgi who had sadly been found at his home beside his deceased owner.

Theo was 11 years old and had clearly been with his owner all his life, so everything was going to be very new and a little daunting for him. To ease him into coping with new situations, Theo was fostered by Roger Mugford and his team as it was clear he was unsure of new people and very nervous. After nearly three months with Roger and the amount of amazing work that was put in, Theo was ready for his new home.A loving family with vast experience of Corgi’s expressed an interest in this unique little

character. After having lots of discussions regarding Theo, a meeting was planned to
introduce all parties…and it was a perfect match! Theo has come on leaps and bounds! He
went from being a dog who was unsure of strangers and too much fuss, to a dog who is
always looking for love and affection! As you can see from the photos, he knows he has the
best life now!! He is happy to go for walks and waits patiently for his lead to be put on. Our
hearts swell every time we get an update from his owners; this boy has found the best place to live out his twilight years.

A massive thank you to Roger Mugford and his wonderful team for working so hard with
Theo and enabling him to build his confidence. Also, to the Glenn’s for working so hard with
him. Plus of course to his new family who have worked wonders, thank you.


Fleur arrived into our care in December 2019. She had a broken leg which had been left
untreated for some time. The break was irreparable, so with our vets’ advice, we opted to amputate the broken limb. Fleur went to one of our amazing fosterers after her operation. It became obvious that Fleur was going to require lots of time and patience so she could physically and mentally recover from her previous ordeal. We were confident she was in the best hands.

As time went on, Fleur slowly started to blossom, and her personality shone through. From
the very start, Fleur was a calm, friendly and loveable houseguest for her foster family.

Fleur was ready to start her search for her forever home when Covid-19 took hold. Her home
search was put on hold. Whilst the world was in lockdown, Fleur’s family were falling in love
with her. We have since received the best email from her foster family asking if they could
sign her adoption papers, we are all thrilled! 

Fleur is one of the most loving and kindest of dogs, she was in urgent need of some TLC
and it is lovely to think the people who showed her all of this are now her very own family.
We are SO happy for all of you, we couldn’t have asked for more, it does mean we have added another failed fosterer to our list (which is ever growing).

We wish you all a life long of happiness together, be happy together, thank you.

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