Hull & East Riding Branch

Badly Drawn Pets

Now, as friends and supporters of the Hull and East Riding branch, you will know we began to make a long held dream a reality in February 2020 and rebuild our 80+ year old rescue centre.  The facilities on Clough Road had long past the point of repair, but there was a small matter of raising £1m!

So, we got £650k towards our total, enough to start rebuilding vital facilities that the animals in our care deserve, and then due to the public health crisis, everything stopped.

In response to this incredibly challenging time, our Trustees have decided to get creative with the help of our wonderful friends at the design agency, Bryce Mennell Ltd. We thought we would have some fun, connect with our supporters and hopefully raise some much-needed pennies – pretty much in that order.

Now, it’s fairly self-explanatory and the clue is in the title – badly drawn pets! For a donation of £10 to the Hull and East Riding RSPCA, we will “draw” your pet (or the animal of your choosing).  So, we say “draw”, because the likelihood is, the artist will have zero experience, probably just as much talent, but bundles of enthusiasm. 

We have a team of volunteers, a very small percentage of them can actually draw, and an even smaller number do this for a living – the rest of us just happen to have plenty of coloured pens and an appetite to put a smile on your face. 

Please remember, our artists are not trying to make you laugh, they are doing their best, its just that their best might be a little bit limited.  So, if your picture doesn’t actually resemble your pet, just remember, it was drawn with love, and they tried. 


Firstly, donate £10 to Hull and East Riding RSPCA via our Just Giving page Include your pet’s first name and your surname as reference.

Secondly, email a picture of your pet to:

Use your pet’s first name and your surname as subject/ reference. The reference is important as it enables us to match up your photo and payment. 

Once we have received your donation and the emailed photo of your pet, one of our lovely “artists” will begin the highly creative process of capturing the likeness of your animal, to the best of their ability. 

It may be a week or so until we can send you our creation as we are all volunteering whenever we can spare the time.  We will initially email your drawing or painting but once lockdown is over or restrictions are lifted, we will make every piece of unique art available for collection from our Clough Road rescue centre. 

You can purchase as many drawings as you want for yourself, as gifts for others or simply to support your local welfare centre.  Regardless of the artist you get, we are sure your unique piece of art will be breathtaking! 

Lastly, and certainly not least, a h_____uge thank you to our neighbours, York, Harrogate and District RSPCA for the inspiration, and the Wisconsin Humane Society for the original Badly Drawn Pets idea.  Please, do take a gander at their wonderful work!