Hull & East Riding Branch
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Do you represent a business or an organisation that would like to support a charity?

We need your help and support! There are a number of different ways that you can support us and we have tailored packages to suit the needs of your company or organisation. Contact us today in order that we can guide you through the process which we aim to make as simple as possible, and includes a VIP guided tour of our animal centre. What better way to see how we can help each other!

There are lots of ways for individual and group supporters to help us

To kick start your fundraising we've put together a few ideas to help you.....

Ideas for children

From Sponsored events to a bake sale......

  • Organise a sponsored event or join in one of ours (In the dog house / Santa Paws Walk)
  • Collect and donate unwanted mobile phones, broken jewellery , used postage stamps, goods to sell in our shops
  • Bake sale
  • Put your skills to the test and create crafts for sale
  • Art or photo competition


Ideas for work

  • Donate a £1.00 and go to work as an animal day
  • Donation station of charity shop goods - arrange a day and we will collect!
  • Volunteer for a day at the animal centre
  • Office Quiz
  • Match the staff to their pet photo completion
  • Give it up for animal's month! Each member of staff must give up something for a month (chocolate, alcohol, cakes)
  • Join in one of our corporate team challenge events


We can supply you with sponsor forms and promotional materials so contact us today. If you have a fab new idea contact us as we have a team to help you!


We have a calendar of events that you may wish to help us with rather than organising your own event.

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