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The Adoption Process

If you are interesting in adopting from the Hertfordshire East RSPCA, we will firstly give you more information over the telephone about the animal you have expressed an interest in.


If you want to progress to the next stage, we will arrange for one of our Home Visitors to come to your home to see where the animal will be potentially living, or for your local Branch to visit if you have not aleady had a home visit completed.


For our Branch, home visits will last for one year.  If you have had a home visit over a year ago, we will ask for another updated home visit to be carried out by ourselves or your local Branch, as circumstances sometimes do change.


Once the home visit has been carried out successfully, we will then make arrangements for you to see the cat, kitten or rabbit.  They will either be in a foster home, pen or a cattery within our area.


Where a lot of people have expressed an interest in one particular cat/kitten/rabbit, we try and be as fair as possible and advise that whoever has their home visit successfully completed first, they will have first option to see the cat/kitten/rabbit.


Anyone living in private rented or Housing Association/Council accommodation will need to seek written permission from their Landlord/Council/Warden if they do not already have it confirmed in writing in their tenancy agreement.  We do not allow animals to be seen and cannot confirm the home visit has been successfully completed until we know that this permission has been given in writing.


We do not allow people to reserve animals until they have been seen.  We also do not expect potential adopters to collect the animals on the first visit.  We want to make sure that the right animal is in the right home and for potential adopters to seriously consider if the animal that has been seen is right for them and their family, home and any existing pets in the home.


All cats and kittens over 5 months that come into our Branch's care are FIV/FELV tested, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before they are rehomed. 


Our Office Administrator, Homing Co-ordinator and Home Visitors will discuss what is included within the adoption fee with regards to kittens as this varies according to the age of the kitten.


Rabbits will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before they are rehomed.


When you adopt an animal from the Hertfordshire East Branch of the RSPCA our adoption fee is only £80 for one cat/kitten or £140 for two and £35 for one rabbit or £60 for two.


This adoption fee will also include 6 weeks MORE THAN Insurance (please note insurance does not apply for rabbits). 


We do not profit from this adoption fee. 


Part of your adoption fee will pay towards the treatment and tests listed above. 


The adoption fee does not pay for the food, litter/hay, monthly flea and worm treatment and private cattery fees or any new or continuing veterinary treatment needed.


Please note that we do have an age limit in relation to families with young children who wish to adopt kittens. It it our Branch's policy not to allow any family with children under the age of 7 years to adopt or foster a kitten under the age of 6 months old. 


Whilst we do understand that some families have children who have handled young animals without any problems, we would respectfully ask for you not to ask us to break our Branch policy.


We do also expect any existing animal in the home to be up to date with his/her vaccinations, neutered and microchipped as we are unable to rehome any new animal to a home where the existing animals in the home have not had these done/up to date.


Thank you for taking the time to read this section.

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