Gonsal Farm Equine Centre

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RSPCA Gonsal Farm Equine Centre

Gonsal Farm Equine Centre is one of only three equine specific centre's in the UK, the others being Lockwood in Godalming and Felledge in Durham.

The RSPCA aim is to RESCUE - REHABILITATE AND REHOME the animals in its care.

The centre offers horses and ponies of all ages and sizes from companions to ridden.

Our equines have found their forever homes as childrens ponies - happy hackers - RDA - riding school - pony club - riding club as well as non ridden homes as companions and even therapy ponies helping others.

When they are fully recovered they come to us to prepare for rehoming, we build a bond and gain their trust working on basic handling progressing to work on the ground and some are trained to become riding horses.

If you are looking for a new horse or pony please think about rehoming and contact one of our centre's.

Rehome a pet - can you offer a home to an animal in our care?