Newport Animal Adoption Centre
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Start your search for a pet today

We don't have any animals available for rehoming today, however there are plenty of animals available across the RSPCA who are waiting for their perfect match.

Cats looking for homes...

Pictures and extra info on all of these cats can be seen on our Facebook page:


Jewel - Black and white/9Y old

Jewel is a wonderful older lady looking for a quiet retirement home. She is 9 years old, but still has a wonderful spring in her step, and loves to entertain visitors by rolling around on the floor or tapping the window. 

Jewel is on medication for arthritis and is expected to need this care for the rest of her life.

She would love to find a family who would appreciate a slightly older cat - she is calm and well behaved with many other endearing qualities. What's not to love!?

If you would like more information please call us on 0300 123 0595.


Minstrel - White and Black/7Y old    RESERVED

Minstrel is one of the funniest cats we've had in in a long time! He is a sweet and affectionate boy, with a mischievous side. He loves to play and jump around on his scratching post, and sometimes gets so enthusiastic, he falls off! He would be happy to live with children, and possibly a calm, quiet dog.

He does have some medical issues, which potential new adopters would need to take into account. 

If you would like some more information, then please give us a call on 0300 123 0595.


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