Bury Oldham & District Branch
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RSPCA rehoming policy

Assessments and health checks

All our animals will have been put through a full assessment before rehoming.  They will all be fully vaccinated. Animals are vaccinated in line with RSPCA requirements:

Cats: Tricat trio

Dogs: Vanguard 7 and nobivac for kennel cough

All animals are chipped, wormed and treated for fleas.

All animals will have a full health check carried out by a vet within 5 days of adoption and will be weighed and scanned by a member of staff on the day of adoption.

Unless there are any overriding veterinary reasons all animals will be neutered before rehoming.

Meeting animals at the centre

No members of the public are allowed to enter the kennel areas and all dogs will be brought out to the public after they have been viewed on the photo board and the relevant questions answered at reception.


All members of the household must meet the animal before adoption. A temporary reserve can be put on the animal for 48hrs to give time for any other members of the household to come down to the centre and meet the animal.  If the animal to be adopted is a dog then the family must walk the dog on at least 2 occasions prior to rehoming.  Any existing dogs must be brought into the centre to meet the branch dog. Prior to this happening proof of the existing dogs’ vaccinations must be seen. 

To promote responsible pet ownership, if there are any cats or dogs already living with the potential adopter, these must be fully vaccinated and neutered before the adoption.

If the potential adopter lives in rented accommodation a copy of the tenancy agreement must be shown to prove that animals are permitted in the property.  Again a temporary reserve can be put on the animal for 48hrs for the potential adopter to get the tenancy agreement to us.


No cat under 9 months of age should be rehomed on a main road. 

Kittens or puppies cannot be left longer than 4 hours. If kittens are being rehomed in pairs then 6 hours.  We don’t accept going home in dinnertime as adequate time being spent with the animals.

Dogs and cats (other than house cats) should not be rehomed to flats above the first floor.

Unless a cat has already lived as a house cat no branch animal will be rehomed as a house cat.

Adoption fees

Cats £70                           Dogs £120

A non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to reserve an animal (£30 for dogs and £25 for cats). This deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee at the time of adoption.

Cats must have a secure carrier for transportation before leaving the animal centre.  Dogs must have a collar, tag and lead.

Home Visits

Pre-adoption home visits are carried out on all animals rehomed by the branch.  Where an individual or family has adopted an animal from the branch to the same address within the last twelve months a home visit may not be required.

The branch will not take on the cost of any illnesses an animal later develops unless identified during initial health checks and agreed by the branch and the new owner prior to adoption.


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